Context Menu


To call the context menu, position the mouse pointer in the design area of the Table Painter and right-click. The functions for creating line types appear only if the mouse pointer is positioned on an existing line type. For this reason, the Table Painter always contains at least one line type.


See also: Defining Line Types



Insert ® Blank Line Above
® Blank Line Below

Creates new line types

Split ® Line
® Cell

Splits a line or cell. This creates a new line or cell.

Cut Line
Copy Line
Insert Line Above
Insert Line Below

Functions for moving or copying line types. When you copy, the settings for box and shading are copied as well.

Delete ® Line
® Cell

Deletes lines or cells. When deleting cells, the cells to the right of the deleted cell(s) are shifted to the left.

Rename Line

Names a line type


Calls the Extended Help of the Table Painter, which is part of the Smart Forms documentation.

When you insert or split lines of the table node in the Table Painter, it takes the cell height into account.

Additional Functions in the Table Painter



Interval ® Increase
® Decrease
® Set...

Increases or decreases the interval in which to use the line type. This setting corresponds to the interval set in the From /To columns in the Details settings.

Reference ® Dissolve
® Delete
® Set...

Use Set... to refer to an existing line type. To convert such a reference into an individual line type, use Dissolve ; to convert it into a blank line, use Delete .