Generating a Service


You require an Internet service as an HTML form for an internal service request.


In Customizing under Cross-Application Components ® Internet/Intranet Services ® Internal Service Request ® Scenario Definition® Define Scenarios, you have selected Entry Using ITS Service as the entry type in the Web.

You now need to generate an Internet service.


You can assign an Internet service to no more than one scenario.


       1.      For the Internet service, enter a name that has not yet been used.

       2.      Choose Generate.
You can generate a new Internet service in three ways:

a.       Generate Internet Service with Reference
If you specify a scenario with an existing Internet service as a reference when you generate the Internet service, the scenario is copied to the new Internet service name.
You can copy an existing Internet service in the SAP@Web Studio or Web Application Builder. However, you then need to manually adapt the Internet service parameter SCENARIO to the new scenario.
For more information on the SAP@Web Studio, see the SAP Library under Basis Components ® Frontend Services (BC-FES) ® ITS/SAP@Web Studio (BC-FES-ITS) or Basis Components ® BC-ABAP Workbench ® Integration of Internet Services ® Web Application Builder.

b.       Generate New Internet Service (SAP Design)
If you do not specify a scenario with an existing Internet service as a reference, the system copies the standard Internet service SR00.
An Internet service generated in this way contains all settings required for immediate testing of the scenario definition. The system automatically inserts a Request data area (with the corresponding entry fields) for the request-specific characteristics defined in the scenario.

c.       Generate New Internet Service (Plain HTML)
The same conditions apply as for generating the service with SAP Design.

The last two methods of creating an Internet service are only possible in Customizing for internal service requests.

3.       You need to manually publish the Internet service before you can test it.
You automatically go to processing the Internet service in the Web Application Builder.

4.       Select the service and choose Publish ® Entire service.
You can now test the Internet service in Customizing by choosing Test.


You have created the required HTML templates for the form for your scenario. You can now modify the request form to meet your requirements.

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