Assigning and Changing User Statuses


To be able to assign user statuses to a notification, the following conditions must be fulfilled in Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Notification Processing ® Status Management ® Define Status Profile:

  • User statuses are defined in a status profile
  • A status profile is assigned to the notification type to be processed.

You can only change a user status if the status order numbers assigned to the user status in Customizing allow it:

  • The status order numbers defined for individual user statuses in the status profile determine the sequence in which the user statuses can be activated.
  • If a user status does not have an order number assigned to it, the user status can always be set.
  • It is not possible for several statuses with status order numbers to be active at the same time.
  • You cannot delete the initial user status that has been set for a notification.


  1. Call up a notification in the change mode.
  2. In the notification header, choose Status detail.

The status information is displayed.

  1. In the column for user statuses (right column), activate the desired user status and then choose Back.

The notification header with the chosen user status is displayed.

  1. Save the notification.