Planned or completed activity that describes a planning and organizational measure in a notification. A task can:

  • Apply to the notification as a whole or to individual items in a notification
  • Have different statuses


Using a task, you can plan how different people can interact to process a notification and track how various activities are completed within a specified period of time. The task data in a notification is displayed in varying levels of detail in the:

  • Task overview
  • Task detail screen

You can record task information for the notification header and for individual notification items:

  • Tasks that apply to the notification as a whole (or notification header) are designated as "immediate tasks." These tasks usually provide a "quick fix" for a problem that requires immediate attention.
  • Tasks for notification items are referred to as "corrective tasks." These tasks usually provide permanent solutions that will prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

For each task, you can enter the:

  • Key for the task to be performed and a brief instruction describing what is to be done
  • Planned start and end dates for the task
  • Task status


If the appropriate data is maintained in Customizing, the system can trigger certain follow-up actions on the basis of the task code (for example, printing a paper or calling up an SAP transaction). You can define follow-up actions to meet your individual requirements. (For more information, see Follow-up Actions for Tasks.)