Processing Notifications Using Workflow


If a notification is created or put in process in the system, the system can automatically notify the person(s) or department(s) responsible via the SAP Business Workflow that:

  • The notification must be processed or tasks need to be defined
  • Defined tasks need to be executed
  • All notification tasks have been completed and the notification must either be completed or additional tasks must be defined for the notification

You receive the information about the notification that needs to be processed as a work item in your inbox (Business Workplace). Your inbox provides an overview of all notifications that you are responsible for processing. You can begin processing the work item directly from your business workplace.


You can access your business workplace by choosing Office ® Workplace from the SAP menu. Then choose Inbox ® Workflow to display any work items that may be present.


The required system settings to activate the SAP Business Workflow have been made.


If there is a work item in your inbox, proceed as follows to begin processing the work item:

  • You double click the work item to display a description of the notification.
  • You choose Execute to process the work item. The system calls up the transaction to process a notification.