Status Management for Notifications


Notifications are supported by the SAP System's status management function. Whenever you create and process a notification, you execute certain business transactions for the notification. These business transactions are documented in the SAP System by a status. The current status of a notification tells you which processing stage the notification has reached and which steps have yet to be completed.

Of the available statuses in the system, only a few need to be set at any given time. Usually, a notification must have a certain status before you can process the it further. If such a status is missing, the system displays a message to inform you of this.


A notification can have the following types of statuses:

  • System statuses

System statuses are set when you execute certain functions for a notification. For example, when you print a notification, the system sets the status "printed" (NOPT). The system status tells you that a business transaction was carried out for the notification.

The system statuses for notifications are predefined in the SAP System and cannot be changed.

  • User statuses

User statuses allow you to further restrict the functions that are allowed by a system status.

Your system administrator defines user statuses in a status profile (see Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Notification Processing ® Status Management ® Define Status Profile). You can assign and delete user statuses if you have the necessary authorization.

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