Request Not Requiring Approval: Flow


You want to request a business transaction (such as a service or to change data in the SAP system), or you are looking for a solution to a problem.


You are working in the SAP Enterprise Portal.

You have started the internal service request function.

Process Flow


       1.      You search for a form that is suitable for your request.

       2.      You select a request or the system suggests a form when you enter a free text describing your request. The system uses a search engine to find solutions to your problem. You do not need to restrict your text to key words. The search engine filters the text based on its words and their conjugation and declination. It also uses word families.
For more information on the search machine, see the SAP Library under Financials ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Information System ® Interactive Information System, then in Report Documentation, search under the Document Search Using The Retrieval System.

       3.      The system calls up the selected request.

Example of a Request Form

The system has already entered your data in the Entered by field.

       4.      If applicable, you enter the name of the initiator (if you are entering the request on behalf of a colleague, for example).

       5.      The form contains all fields needed for your request. You make entries in these fields.

       6.      If necessary, you enter an explanation.

       7.      You send the request.

       8.      The system finds the correct processor for your request and informs that person.

       9.      You can check the status of your request at any time.

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