Follow-Up Actions for Tasks


You can define a follow-up action for a task that will automatically be triggered and executed by the system. A follow-up action can call one or more function modules that execute specific functions (for example, printing a shop paper or calling up a transaction).


In Customizing for Cross-Application Components under:

  • Notification ® Notification Creation ® Notification Content ® Maintain Catalogs, the indicator for follow-up actions is set in the task catalog (catalog type 2)
  • Notification ® Notification Processing ® Additional Notification Functions ® Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks, you have defined a follow-up action key and assigned one or more function modules to be called to this key

A follow-up function is only executed if the business transaction that is assigned to the follow-up action allows it.


The system automatically executes a follow-up action after you have:

  1. Entered a task code (for the notification header or for a notification item) that has a follow-up action assigned to it.
  2. Saved the notification

You can display a log on the task detail screen that lists all follow-up actions that were executed.