Change Notification


With a change notification, you arrange the changes to product data that is controlled by Engineering Change Management.

You create a change notification for example, if you want to inform the engineer of a design error or if you want to suggest a product improvement.

Special Features

The change notification:

  • has to be approved
  • does not carry costs

Order Process up to Execution

  1. You create the subject as simple text in the change notification.

    In addition a little knowledge of the Engineering Change Management or of the work processes in design or work scheduling is essential.

  2. The person responsible gets the notification via a workflow or in his worklist and then checks the subject.
  1. The processor either approves or rejects the query.

    If the query is rejected, the process ends.

  2. If the processor has approved the query, he carries out one or more of the following activities:
    • Create change notification (as follow-up notification)
    • Assign ECR
    • Create ECR

The person, who created the ECR, defines the necessary settings such as the change type. The other processes in Engineering Change Management are controlled by the change type.

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