Creating Non-Language-Specific MIME Objects


You should create icons, graphics, animations and Java applets that do not contain any language-specific parts as non-language-specific MIME objects.


You must already have created an Internet service.


To create a non-language-specific MIME object for an Internet service from the tree display in the object list:

       1.      Right-click the relevant service.

       2.      In the context menu, choose Create ® MIME.

       3.      Select the file to be copied from the file directory.

       4.      Confirm your entries.

The system then displays the Web Application Builder: Create MIME Object dialog box.

       5.      Define a theme.

You can now change the name of the MIME object or create a subdirectory. To create a subdirectory, enter an appropriate subdirectory in the Name field and separate it from the name of the MIME object with a slash ("/").

       6.      Choose Save.

The system then displays the Web Application Builder: Create Object Directory Entry dialog box.

       7.      Assign a package to the MIME object and confirm with  Save.


The inserted MIME object was stored in the Repository as an independent object. It is inserted under Mimes in the tree display of the object list.

When you publish the service, the MIME objects are not stored in an ITS directory. Instead, they are stored on the HTTP server under the name and subdirectory you specified in step 5 above.

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