Request for Master Data Change


If you determine that certain master data needs to be changed but you do not know who is authorized to do this, you can submit a request for a master data change. The request is transferred to the SAP system where it is automatically sent to the appropriate processor.

You can request changes to the following master data:


Type of Change

Cost centers

Create, change, lock

Internal orders


Profit center

Create, change

G/L accounts

Create, change


Create, change, delete


Create, change, delete

Special Features

You can access the request form from the portal or from different SAP applications, depending on the object.

For requests to create and change cost centers and internal orders, SAP supplies scenarios that use Adobe PDF forms (scenarios SMC1, SMC2, SMO1, and SMO2) as well as scenarios that use HTML forms. For requests to create and change profit centers, there are only scenarios that use Adobe PDF forms (scenarios SMP1 and SMP2).

Request Flow


       1.      You access the request form and indicate the master data you want to have changed.

       2.      You send the form.

The request is then transferred to the SAP system.

       3.      The request enters the processor's worklist or workflow inbox.

The processor can reject the request, forward it, or make the requested changes.

For more information, see Request for Master Data Changes in the Intranet/Internet.