Request for Budget Increase


You want to request a budget increase for an order, network, network activity, or WBS element.

You do not know which person in your organization can approve your request.

Special Features

There following scenarios are provided:

·        Budget Request (scenario SR61)

The form is sent to a processor, who changes the budget.

The processor executes the budget transactions in the SAP system.

·        Budget Request with Approval (scenario SR62)

The form is sent to a manager for approval.

The manager approves the request. The person who processes the request is selected based on the role in Customizing, and is notified through the workflow.

·        Budget Request (scenario SRB1)

The form is created with Adobe PDF. This scenario can only request budget for internal orders.

For more information on scenario Customizing, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Cross-Application Components ® Internet/Intranet Services ® Internal Service Request ® Scenario Definition ® Define Scenarios.

For more information on requests for budget increases, see the SAP Library under Financials ® Controlling ® Internal Orders ® Budget Management ® Request For Budget Increase.