Executing Ad Hoc Cost Estimates


If you want to plan costs without going to the effort of creating a planning object in the system, you can create an ad hoc cost estimate to obtain fast results.

You can also use ad hoc cost estimates to test the costing model.


If you want to use a planning form for the cost estimate, you must have already defined the planning form in the system. For more information, see Editing Costing Models and Assigning Attributes.


Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Product Cost Planning ® Easy Cost Planning & Execution Services ® Edit Ad Hoc Cost Estimate.

Creating an Ad Hoc Cost Estimate

  1. Enter a description and choose Create.
  2. On the Additional Data tab, enter a company code or a plant.
  3. To start an ad hoc cost estimate with a planning form directly, you have the following options on the Create with Planning Form tab:
    • Click on any planning form displayed. The cost estimate is started immediately.

If no planning form is displayed (for example because you have not yet created an ad hoc cost estimate), then under Subject Area choose either All Planning Forms or another role-specific worklist.

    • Under With Planning Form, enter the (technical) name of a planning form directly, and choose Create.
    • To search for a planning form, enter a search term and choose Find. The system searches in the names and descriptions for the planning forms in your logon language. You can also display the descriptions with next to the planning forms.
  1. For more information, see Using Easy Cost Planning.

To forward a cost estimate to another user for further processing or analysis, choose the service Send ® Send Object with Note from the object services in the title bar of the screen (). You can find more information on object services under Services for Object ( ) ® Help for the object services. When the user to whom the cost estimate has been sent opens the attachment to the note, the cost estimate is called up in display mode.

Changing an Ad Hoc Cost Estimate

You have the following options:

  • Under Description enter the name of the ad hoc cost estimate you want to change and choose Change.
  • Choose the tab Planning Last Edited and click on the ad hoc cost estimate you want to change. You go directly to change mode.

For more information, see Using Easy Cost Planning.

Triggering an Execution Service

To be able to trigger an Execution Service, you must assign an account assignment object. This is used to post the costs incurred when the Execution Service is triggered (for instance through a purchase order).

  1. You are in the create or change mode of the cost estimate. Choose .
  2. Select the object type.
  3. Enter the key of the account assignment object that you want to collect the costs on.
  4. For more information, see Triggering Execution Services.