Status Management for Tasks


A task status provides information about a task's current processing stage. The system manages the following statuses for tasks:



Task outstanding

The task was created in the notification.

Task released

The task can be executed.

Task completed

The task was executed.

Task successful

The result of the task was successful (for example, the problem was solved or damage was repaired).

The system does not distinguish between notification header tasks (immediate tasks) and item tasks (corrective tasks). If the notification status information indicates that outstanding tasks exist in the notification, these tasks can consist of both immediate tasks and corrective tasks.

A notification retains the status "outstanding tasks" as long as a task has not been completed (even if the task has already been released).


The various notification and task statuses, for the most part, are independent of one another. This means, for example, that you can put a notification in process even though it contains outstanding, unreleased tasks. As long as a notification still contains outstanding tasks, however, you cannot complete the notification.

For more information about the general status management function, see Status Management.


You can use the status management function as follows:

  • Assign a status to a task

You assign a status to a task by choosing the corresponding function in the task overview or task detail screens. You must assign a status to each task individually. If you select several tasks in the overview screen and choose a status, the system assigns the status to all of the selected tasks.

  • Status information

Once you have assigned a status to a task, the corresponding status is displayed in the task overview screen and task detail screen. If you want to display the text for the status abbreviations, choose Status detail.

  • Date changes as a result of status assignments

When you assign a status to a task, the system automatically changes the relevant dates as follows:


The system fills the following fields:


Planned start with the current date/time

Planned end with either the current date/time or desired notification end date/time.

You can overwrite both fields.


Date completed <date> by <user name> with the current date/time and current user name.

You cannot overwrite these fields.



The planned dates for a task must fall within the desired start and end dates of the notification. If you specify other dates for the task, the system displays a message to inform you of this.