Displaying Status Information


To use the functions in the following table, call up the notification in the create or change mode.


Tab page / Pushbutton / Menu path

What you should know

Display status information in the notification header


The current system statuses are displayed in the Status field of the notification header. If user statuses also exist for the notification, they are also displayed.

The Status field also displays the task status. If at least one notification task is still outstanding or released, the status "task outstanding" (TSOS) is displayed. As long as this status is set, you cannot complete the notification.

Display status information for individual tasks

Tasks tab page

The task overview contains the status of all recorded tasks.

Display system and user statuses with short texts

Status detail pushbutton

All active system and user statuses for the notification are displayed on the Status tab page.

Display general status overview

Choose Status detail pushbutton and then Extras ® Overview

You can see which processing steps have already been performed.

All active and inactive system and user statuses for the notification are displayed.

Display statuses that can still be assigned

Choose Status detail and then the Business processes tab page

You can see which processing steps are currently allowed or not allowed.

If you choose Transaction analysis, you can see which business transactions can still be executed for the notification (green traffic light) and which ones can no longer be assigned (red traffic light).