Entering Tasks


To use the functions in the following table, call up the notification in the create or change mode.


Tab page / Pushbutton / Menu path

What you should know

Record immediate tasks for the notification header

Choose the Tasks tab page.

Enter the data on the task overview.

Record immediate tasks on task detail screen

Select a task on the task overview and choose Detail view.

Enter the data on the task detail screen.

Record corrective tasks for a notification item

Choose the Items tab, select an item, and then choose the Item tasks tab page.

Enter the task data for the item.

Record corrective tasks on the task detail screen

Choose the Items tab page and then select an item.

Choose the Item tasks tab page, select a task and then choose Detail view.

Enter the planned start and end dates for the task on this screen. The dates you enter may be changed based on the status you assign to the task (see Status Management for Tasks).

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