Processing the Partner Information


You can only display the partner data screen if a partner determination procedure has been defined in Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Notification ® Notification Creation ® Partner.


  1. In a notification, choose Goto ® Partner.

The screen for the partner data appears. If partner data already exists for the notification, it will be displayed in a table. In this screen, you can use the following functions:


Follow-on menu path

Display partner data

Select a partner and choose Environment ® Display object.

Delete a partner

Select a partner and choose Delete partner assignment.

Phone a partner

Select a partner and choose Phone partner.

Contact partner via paging function

Select a partner and choose Send message to partner.

Sort partners by function

Choose Edit ® Sort by partner function.

Display, change, or delete partner addresses

Select a partner and choose the corresponding pushbutton

If you want to enter new partner data for the notification, enter the data directly in the table.

  1. Go back to the notification header and save the new or changed partner data.