Internal Service Request

Implementation Options

Internal service requests enable you to request and process services using a simple form or a freely worded text in the intranet, and does not presuppose knowledge of the SAP system. The action requested could be an office move, for example. The request is automatically sent to a processor for approval. If the request involves costs, you can have it approved by a cost center manager or budget manager who can run automatic cost calculation.

This function enables you to process many requests in the intranet that previously had to be handled by e-mail or telephone. Requests can be entered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Everyone involved can see the status of the requests at any time. Integrated cost update ensures correct transfer of data to Controlling and allows the costs of the line item reports to be monitored.

Internal service requests cover three business processes:

·         Finding Solutions to a Particular Problem

·         Requests Not Requiring Approval (such as office moves) entry and processing

·         Requests Requiring Approval (involving costs such as a budget change) entry and processing


You can create your own request forms without having to know ABAP programming.

You have one initial screen for entering the request and checking the status.

The system finds the processors for the request based on the information in the request form.

The SAP Business Workflow is used to inform the request processors. For more information, see the documentation for SAP NetWeaver under Application Platform (SAP Web Application Server) ® Business Services ® SAP Business Workflow.

You can use Easy Cost Planning to calculate the costs for a request. For more information, see the SAP Library under Financials ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Product Cost Planning ® Easy Cost Planning and Execution Services.

Costs are automatically assigned to the corresponding cost center or another fixed account assignment object.




SAP System

Person who enters the request

Person who processes/approves the request


You can select predefined standard services, or create your own service request scenarios in Customizing.

You can add notes to the service request at any time during the process.

You create an internal service request in your SAP Enterprise Portal.


In Customizing, you can define the conditions under which an approval for a service request is made.

The cost center managers or budget managers automatically receive an overview of the service requests applicable to them through the workflow or in the form of a worklist.

The managers can:

·        Change the person responsible, and so forward the service request. The request can also be forwarded automatically, for instance to a someone deputizing for an employee on vacation.

·        Before approving the request, send a note with a question to the person who entered the request.

·        Forward the request to the processor to obtain cost information.

To monitor the costs, the cost center manager or budget manager can use a cost collector (such as an internal order) that is linked to the internal service request.


The processor of the service request is determined the same way as the cost center manager or budget manager.

The processor is informed about the service request through the workflow.

If the processor indicates the service request as completed, then the incurred costs are posted via integrated cost posting.

You start the process as follows:

·        For the notification:

Ў        Office ® Notification ® Change or

Ў        Office ® Notification ® Worklist ® Notifications.

·        For the notification task:

Ў        Office ® Task ® Process or

Ў        Office ® Notification ® Worklist ® Tasks.


You sent a request that was processed or executed after being approved (if required).

For more information on customizing internal service requests, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Cross-Application Components ® Internet/Intranet Services ® Internal Service Request ® Scenario Definition ® Define Scenarios.