Batch Input Administrator

Technical name: SAP_BC_BDC_ADMIN


The Batch Input administrator transfers data to the SAP System based on the 'batch input' transfer technology. The data transfer process comprises two steps:
The administrator uses a data transfer program to import the external data into the SAP System and store it there as a batch input session.
The administrator runs the batch input session to distribute the data to the relevant database tables of the application.

To do this, the administrator needs authorization to call up the following transactions:

  • SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
  • SM35P Batch Input: Log Monitoring
  • SHDB Transaction Recorder (Record Batch Input)

The tasks of an administrator are as follows:

  • Running (starting) batch input sessions in the background. This requires the authorization to define and schedule batch jobs (see Basis: Batch Administrator role).
  • Monitoring data transfer and handling errors
    • Evaluating batch input logs
    • Analysing batch input sessions
    • Running sessions with errors online and correcting the transactions that contain errors. This requires the relevant transaction authorization in each application.
    • Releasing terminated sessions
  • Managing data transfer
    • Locking batch input sessions
    • Reorganising batch input sessions and logs
    • Archiving batch input logs
    • Archiving batch input sessions and logs no longer needed
  • Creating/testing data transfer programs using the Transaction Recorder
    • Creating batch input programs
    • Creating batch input sessions
    • Creating test data