Administrator for Communication, Folders, and Appointment Planning

Technical name: SAP_BC_SRV_GBT_ADMIN


Administrators with this role can make the settings for the communications landscape of the SAP System. They can also make default settings and perform other administrative activities for the folder and appointment management areas.

Activities in the Business Workplace

Adapting the send, folder, and office functions of the Business Workplace to the requirements of the enterprise and the features of the communications landscape.

Collecting and evaluating data from the send and folder environment.

Activities in SAPconnect

Configuring and monitoring external communication.

Activities in SAPphone

Configuring and monitoring the telephony environment.

Activities in the Appointment Calendar

Customizing settings and default settings for the use of the calendar.


A typical MiniApp for this role provides an overview of current alerts in the communication and telephony environment.


To administrate the workflow functions in the Business Workplace, the administrator needs the role workflow system administrator.

To enable optical archiving in the Business Workplace, the administrator needs the role system administrator for SAP ArchiveLink.