Database Administration in CCMS


This component enables you to manage your database using the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). With CCMS, you get extensive support in database administration (DBA) and can perform many DBA functions from SAP NetWeaver.

Implementation Considerations

SAP recommends that you use CCMS for database administration where possible. The advantage of using CCMS is that you have a central point for managing your database. You also get the full advantage of the SAP NetWeaver graphical user interface (GUI), for example, when displaying space usage in your database.


The CCMS is a standard part of SAP NetWeaver. You can therefore use it without problem for your database administration activities.


The most important DBA functions in CCMS are as follows:

·        DBA Planning Calendar

·        Update statistics, using the cost-based optimizer

·        Database system checks

·        Database Monitor

·        Database Alert Monitor

Since the functions and appearance differ slightly from database to database, the functions are described separately for each database.


You must perform certain DBA functions outside SAP NetWeaver with the tool provided by the database vendor or developed by SAP for each database (for example, for offline backups of the database). An example of a DBA tool outside SAP NetWeaver is SAPDBA, available for the Informix and Oracle databases.