Use this method to synchronize the automation queue. The buffered operations are sent to the frontend using GUI RFC. At the frontend, the automation queue is processed in the sequence in which you filled it.

If an error occurs, an exception is triggered. You must catch and handle this error. Since it is not possible to identify the cause of the error from the exception itself, there are tools available in the Debugger and the SAPgui to enable you to do so.

Debugger: Select the option Automation Controller: Always process requests synchronously. The system then automatically calls the method cl_gui_cfw=>flush after each method called by the Automation Controller.

SAPGUI: In the SAPgui settings, under Trace, select Automation. The communication between the application server and the Automation Controller is then logged in a trace file that you can analyze at a later date.

CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>flush
                         CNTL_ERROR = 2.

Do not use any more synchronizations in your program than are really necessary. Each synchronization opens a new RFC connection to the SAPgui.