SAP Calendar Control


The SAP calendar control provides a simple and intuitive interface for displaying and inputting a date or date range.


The SAP calendar control can be embedded into an SAP control container of your choice.


  • The calendar control supports dates in the range 01.01.1601 to 31.12.9999
  • The calendar control can be called in various display formats:

The following graphics show the SAP Calendar running under SAPGUI for Windows. The HTML or Java display may look slightly different.

The horizontal display is not available under SAPGUI for Java.

Input field:

Vertical or horizontal calendar display:


Calendar as a Popup Window

These different types are demonstrated in program SAPCALENDAR_DEMO1 .


  • The input field (date picker) and F4 (popup navigator) display variants are not available under SAPGUI for HTML.
  • Context menus are not supported under SAPGUI for HTML.
  • For details of the SAP Calendar control under SAPGUI for Java, refer to the SAPGUI for Java release documentation.