SAP DemoContent delivers example data alongside Business Content Metadata. It allows you to quickly display complete demonstration scenarios from different business areas, and to get to know your way around the Business Information Warehouse.

Because SAP DemoContent is designed specifically for demonstration purposes, it uses its own namespace. DemoContent objects all have technical names beginning with "0D_". This indicates that they are separate from the company’s Business Content and not designed for productive use. But you can still use the objects as templates for structuring Content at a later date.

SAP’s DemoCube offers you with a demonstration scenario that can be activated in a few steps. To transfer a specific object from SAP DemoContent, choose Administration ® Administrator Workbench ® Install Business Content from the main menu of the Business Information Warehouse. Under the object type "InfoCubes", choose ® SAP Demo and select the DemoContent objects you want to transfer. Follow the procedure for Installing Business Content to copy and activate DemoContent.

DemoContent covers objects from various areas:

SAP Purchasing DemoCube

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) DemoCube

Sales DemoCube

SAP Sales DemoCube: Overview