Monitoring in the CCMS


The CCMS provides a range of monitors for monitoring the SAP environments and its components. These monitors are indispensable for understanding and evaluating the behavior of the SAP processing environment. In the case of poor performance values, the monitors provide you with the information required to fine tune your SAP system and therefore to ensure that your SAP installation is running efficiently.

Implementation Considerations

For central monitoring, that is, for the monitoring of a system landscape from one system, you must perform various configuration steps yourself. These are outlined in Configuring the Monitoring Architecture.


The CCMS analysis monitors provide functions for

·        Checking the system status and the operating modes

·        Detecting and correcting potential problems as quickly as possible

·        An early diagnosis of potential problems, such as resource problems in a host or database system, which could affect the SAP system

·        The analysis and fine tuning of the SAP system and its environment (host and database system) to optimize the throughput of the SAP system

The previous monitoring and alert system in the CCMS was replaced by the monitoring architecture.

The new monitoring architecture provides all of the functions that previously existed as well as new, more reliable alerts and more complex, more powerful functions.


You can either use the following monitors independently or execute them as analysis methods in the alert monitor:

·        Global Work Process Overview

·        Workload Monitor

·        Global Workload Monitor

·        Operating System Monitor

·        Operating System Collector

·        SAP Buffer

·        Database Monitor