Working with the Knowledge Workbench


The Knowledge Workbench is a PC application of the SAP Knowledge Warehouse that provides all the functions authors need for creating information objects. You can use it for creating and editing information objects, maintaining attributes, and displaying information objects in a web browser.


With the Knowledge Workbench you can work either online or offline.

When you work online, you have access to the information objects in the Knowledge Warehouse.

When you work offline, you only have access to the information objects stored on your local PC or in the file system.


The Knowledge Workbench must be installed on your PC.

You need a user in the SAP system of the SAP Knowledge Warehouse


Three content repositories

In the Knowledge Workbench, you use three content repositories when you create information objects:

·        Knowledge Warehouse

The Knowledge Warehouse contains all the information objects stored in the Knowledge Warehouse. You only have access to the Knowledge Warehouse when you are working with the Knowledge Workbench in online mode and are logged onto the Knowledge Warehouse SAP system.

You can add folders of the Knowledge Warehouse to your favorites.

When you choose information objects in the Knowledge Warehouse and call the editing function, the information objects are downloaded to the Local Repository on your PC and locked for other users. Other users can only view the information objects that are checked out.

·        Local Repository on the PC

The Local Repository contains all the information objects you checked out of the Knowledge Warehouse for editing.

It also contains the information objects you created anew, either from scratch or by importing files from the Local System.

When you work with the Knowledge Workbench in offline mode, all the new and changed information objects are stored in the Local Repository.

When you check the changed information objects back into the Knowledge Warehouse, these objects are removed from the Local Repository and unlocked in the Knowledge Warehouse.

·        Local System

The Local System gives you access to all files on your PC and network that you may want to use as source material for information objects in the Knowledge Warehouse. You can create information objects from files in your Local System by checking them into the Knowledge Warehouse either directly or using the Local Repository.

Online and Offline Mode

In online mode you have access to all information objects in the Knowledge Warehouse. This means you can view all information objects, you can set links to them, change their attributes, and edit them. Editing and changing attributes is not possible if the information objects are checked out by another user.

In offline mode you have access only to the information objects in the Local Repository and to data in the Local System.

Navigation in Explorer Windows

In the Knowledge Workbench you access folders and information objects in Explorer windows. Navigation in Explorer windows works in much the same way as in the Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In each Explorer window a context bar (below the title bar) displays the current settings of the version context (language, release).

The color of the context bar depends on the content repository in which you are navigating:

·        Green in the Knowledge Warehouse

·        Blue in the Local Repository

·        Gray in the Local System

By opening several Explorer windows you can simultaneously look at and work on different parts of the Knowledge Warehouse, Local Repository and Local System. You can also use the Drag&Drop technique for various functions, such as inserting information objects in a structure.

Functions for Information Objects

The functions provided for the information object chosen are offered from the menu or with the right mouse button.


You cannot use all the authoring functions in the Knowledge Workbench. The following functions are only available in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse SAP system.

·        Set and check help links between SAP application objects and information objects of the Knowledge Warehouse

·        Print structures with information objects

·        Create offline presentations of training courses

·        Maintain index entries (area: Documentation)

·        Check information objects (area: Documentation)

You can only execute these functions if you are logged onto the SAP System of the Knowledge Warehouse.


You can start the Knowledge Workbench with Programs ® SAP Front end ® Knowledge Workbench from the Windows Start Menu.

To work in online mode enter the required data in the Work Online tab page of the logon dialog box.

To work offline choose a content in the Work Offline tab page of the logon dialog box.