SAP Container


A SAP Container is a control that accommodates other controls, such as the SAP Tree Control, SAP Picture Control, SAP Textedit Control, SAP Splitter Control, and so on. It manages these controls logically in a collection, and provides a physical area in which they are displayed.

All controls live in a container. Since containers are themselves controls, you can nest them. The container is the parent of the control within it.

There are five kinds of SAP Containers:

  • SAP Custom Container
    The SAP Custom Container allows you to display controls in an area defined on a normal screen using the Screen Painter.
  • SAP Dialog Box Container
    The SAP Dialog Box container allows you to display controls in an amodal dialog box or fullscreen.
  • SAP Docking Container
    The SAP Docking Container allows you to attach a control to any of the four edges of a screen as a resizable screen area. You can also detach it so that it becomes an independent amodal dialog box.
  • SAP Splitter Container
    The SAP Splitter Container allows you to display more than one control in a given area by dividing it into cells.
  • SAP Easy Splitter Container
    The SAP Easy Splitter Container allows you to divide an area into two cells with a control in each. The cells are separated by a moveable splitter bar.

All SAP Containers have a common parent with the type CL_GUI_CONTROL. They are all derived from this basic container, and therefore all have the same object-oriented interface.