Business Configuration Sets (BC-CUS)

Customizing settings can be collected by processes into Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets). BC Sets make Customizing more transparent by documenting and analyzing the Customizing settings. They can also be used for a group rollout, where the customizing settings are bundled by the group headquarters and passed on in a structured way to its subsidiaries.

BC Sets are provided by SAP for selected industry sectors, and customers can also create their own.

When a BC Set is created, values and combinations of values are copied from the original Customizing tables into the BC Set and can be copied into in the tables, views and view clusters in the customer system. The BC Sets are always transported into the customer system in which Customizing is performed.

The loading of BC Sets is logged by the system, i.e. which BC Set was copied when into the system, and any errors which occurred. This information is significant for Continuous Change and Upgrade.

The settings in the BC Set can be compared with the system data using the Customizing Cross-System Viewer, to check the consistency of the data.

Advantages of using BC Sets:

·         Efficient group rollout.

·         Industry sector systems are easier to create and maintain.

·         Customizing can be performed at a business level.

·         Change Management is quicker and safer.

·         Upgrade is simpler.


The BC Set creation and editing procedure is described in the following topics:

Create Business Configuration Sets

Activate Business Configuration Sets

For further information about BC Sets, see note no. 669542.