An application component can use the Chart business graphic to display data in a graphic in the SAP front end.

The Chart business graphic is a graphics component with a programming interface and a user interface.


You can use Chart as a 32-bit graphics component with the following operating systems:

·        Windows 95

·        Windows NT

·        Windows NT 4.0

Chart offers a wide range of chart types , for example vertical bars or pie charts. You can use time scale charts with one or more time scales for milestone trend analyses and control charts. For more information, see Chart Types.

You can work flexibly with the charts using the property pages. You can format every chart element individually. The texts in the property pages can be configured by the calling application. For more information, see Property Pages.

You can carry out some functions by manipulating a graphical element with the mouse, for example changing the value of a data point.

When you make changes in the chart, for example selecting objects or changing values these changes are sent to the calling function using the interface. The application can use this interface to monitor what is happening in the chart.


Chart is integrated in the SAP front end as an ActiveX control and called up using the application component.

You can call only those settings/functions in Chart that are supported by the calling application.