Graphical Framework


The Graphical Framework is used to simplify and improve the programming of presentation components in the SAP system. This involves the programming from the point of view of the application as well as incorporating new graphical objects that have either been developed within a company or supplied externally.



The Graphical Framework has the following key features:

·        It uses the Model View Controller design pattern: The data container, which stores the data, is the model and the graphics proxies / graphical displays are the views of this model. It is important to realize that the views are separate from the model. Several graphics proxies can subscribe to one data container if different graphical displays are required. An alternative model that merged the graphical display with the data storage would have meant that much of the programming would have to be duplicated if a different graphical display were required. The controller in the Graphical Framework is the application.

·        The graphical objects (controls) are replaceable which means that you are independent of manufacturers and able to use the best the market has to offer.

·        The graphical objects are integrated in the SAP front end so that the user can access them as GUI elements as with basic controls such as table controls or tab pages. However, the prerequisite for this control technology is that ActiveX controls or Java Beans are used.

·        A flexible (and efficient) type of programming is to be used for application programming (object-oriented programming).

·        You can display several views of the same data without having to duplicate the data.

·        Every graphical object is configurable for each user - that is, you can configure Customizing for individual users.

·        A wide range of frontend platforms is supported. Whatever runs on Windows 95 and NT should also run on Macintosh, OSF/Motif, OS/2 and JAVA VMs. The level of integration may not be as high as on the Windows platforms and the functionality of the graphics may not be as extensive but basic functionality is available.