Graphical events are events/user actions reported by the graphic.


They are supplied by the GUI for specific products. Most ActiveX graphics products have the same event codes for the standard Windows events (for example, mouse-click) but there is no guarantee that this is the case for all products. It must be assumed that some products can send other events as well.

The application uses only standardized internal events, that is, constants defined by SAP. The graphics proxy automatically converts external product events to internal events and vice versa.

A graphics proxy converts an external GUI event it has received into an internal event and distributes it as an ABAP event.

The application implements appropriate event-handler methods so that it can receive the ABAP events in which it is interested that are sent to it by the graphics proxy. An application that wants to process all internal events in one place will implement its event handler for GRAPHIC_ANYEVT.

For more information, see Processing Events.


Graphic showing the structure of an ABAP event

An ABAP event contains an internal event code and can contain event parameters.

The parameters for an event are supplied as an internal table with a name column and a value column. The parameters that can be expected for an event are described in the documentation for events in IF_GRAPHIC_PROXY.


The application specifies the events that are to reach the graphics proxy, that is, which events get through the front end/back end interface. This can be specified when the graphics proxy is initialized or using the method SET_EVENT_LIST by supplying a list of internal event codes. This ensures that communication between the front end and the back end is kept to a minimum and performance is optimized.

The internal event codes are defined as constants in IF_GRAPHIC_PROXY.