Customizing Objects


Customizing objects are instances of attribute bundle classes. Attribute bundles are global classes that encapsulate semantically-related attributes (=properties) of a graphic. They start with the prefix CL_CU_.

In addition to the data to be represented the graphic requires other information before it can be displayed: the display attributes (colors, line styles and so on). This information is stored in the customizing objects and can easily be made user-specific.

For information on the types of attribute bundle supported, see Attribute Bundles.


An application generates a customizing object by instantiating an attribute bundle class and specifying a name under which the desired settings are (to be) stored on the database. For more information on the instance name, see Creating Customizing Bundles.

Customizing objects provide methods so that they can be saved persistently on the database; programs can change individual attributes.

An object-oriented conception was used for Customizing so that fixed settings can be read from the database and values can be changed online or in the application program.

Existing settings are loaded for the name when the customizing object's method IF_CUSTOMIZING~LOAD is called after generation. The application can then adjust/change individual attributes to its own requirements and then assign the customizing object to one or more graphics proxies.

One advantage of bundling attributes that belong together is that you can set attribute values more efficiently; the attributes can be sent to the front end more quickly.

The graphics proxies have graphics-specific ports such as primary X axis (see the documentation on the graphics proxy).

For more information, see

Customizing: From Database to Graphic

Customizing: From Graphic to Database


The graphics proxy automatically converts the contents of customizing objects into product-specific settings. If a graphics product does not support a setting it attempts an approximation. If necessary, the setting for this product is ignored.