Function Modules Supported


GFW_PRES_SHOW is the function module for displaying a single business graphic.

GFW_PRES_SHOW_MULT is the function module for displaying several business graphics at the same time.


It is estimated that in a large proportion of cases where graphics are used (approximately 80-90 percent of business graphics) users require only a basic, standardized display of simple data with fixed customizing.

You can use GFW_PRES_SHOW to display one ActiveX control or JavaBean. It contains an alternative strategy for those platforms that do not support controls. In such cases the graphic is displayed as an external program (SAPBUSG).

The graphics product used by the function module is specified in product management. For more information, see Product Management.

The function modules should cover only the basic case; that is sufficient in most situations. The object-oriented interface of the Graphical Framework should be used for situations requiring more complex functionality, in particular interaction and stipulating a particular graphics product.

For more information on function modules for the Graphical Framework, see the documentation on GFW_PRES_SHOW and GFW_PRES_MULT.