SAP Toolbar (BC-CI)


The SAP toolbar allows you to define a separate toolbar in addition to the normal application toolbar:


You can embed the SAP Toolbar in any SAP Control Container.


SAP toolbar allows you to create additional toolbars, which may contain the following objects:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Pushbuttons with a dropdown menu : If the user chooses the pushbutton, the action defined for the pushbutton is triggered. If the user chooses the arrow, a menu appears.
  • Menus : A menu is displayed when the user clicks the button.
  • Separators
  • Pushbutton groups (similar to radio button groups)
  • Toggle buttons (like checkboxes)

If the toolbar is longer than the container in which it is placed, the system automatically displays scroll buttons, which the user can click to access the buttons that do not fit in the display:

When the user chooses an item in the SAP Toolbar, control is passed back to the application program using the event control of the Control Framework. The chosen function is passed to the program as an event parameter.

This feature only works under SAPGUI for Windows