CATT: Computer Aided Test Tool (BC-CAT-TOL)


With Web Application Server Release 6.40, you cannot create new automated CATT test cases. However, you can still create manual CATT test cases. Editing and executing existing automated CATT test cases is still possible.

CATT has been superceded by eCATT.


The Test Workbench contains the Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT) to create automatic test cases.

Automatic test cases are performed by the SAP system without user dialog, and are most useful for function tests. The result of an automatic test case is a detailed log which documents the test. The use of automatic tests can considerably reduce the test effort.

Test cases test individual transactions or whole business transactions.


The enhanced CATT maintenance mode provides additional test functionality. This mode is intended above all for experienced test creators.


The transaction test case is recorded with a transaction recorder for the test module. You run the application as in normal dialog operation. You go to a test case editor after the recording.

You can make test cases flexible by subsequently defining test case variants.

You can pass the results of transactions in a business transaction to subsequent transactions. The chain function does this.

You can also define transaction result checks. The results can be in screen fields or system messages.