Controls Tutorial (BC-CI)

What are Controls?

Controls are independent binary software components that can be reused. Developers can build controls into their applications and use the functions they provide. Typically, controls are used for designing the user interface. However, using controls is not restricted to visible components.

Who Has to Deal With Controls?

Users... not see the individual components that make up an application. This is why the integration of controls is transparent to them. They see a single application with which they work.

Application Developers...

...use controls in their applications. They are not interested in technical details. When programming their application, they access a logical wrapper class that helps them with the integration of the control.

Developers of the Wrapper Class...

...program the logical wrapper of individual controls. Therefore, they must have extensive technical know-how of controls and SAP's Control Framework.

Control Developers...

...create controls themselves. Reusing controls requires that a standardized interface is in place with which control developers must comply.

Whom Helps this Tutorial?

This documentation is designed for application developers who want to build controls into their ABAP programs.