Carrying Out Short Text Replacement (BC-DOC-TTL)


This process is used to replace standard terms in the user interface of your SAP system (target system) with terms that are used in your industry.


The languages involved must be imported into the target system for the current release level of your target system. If SAP provides a short text replacement for your industry and required language, the data needed for the short text replacement is also imported to your system.

For a list of the industries and languages for which short text replacement is possible, see Delivered Replacement Data.

Process Flow

The short text replacement involves the following steps:


       1.      You start replacement text activation (see Activating Replacement Texts).

       2.      The system deactivates those short texts that were replaced in an earlier release and are no longer included in the replacement data for the current release.

       3.      The system replaces those short texts that match the original text delivered by SAP by the industry-specific texts that were imported with the replacement data.

If you have modified texts, the system does not change these during short text replacement.

You can reverse the short text term replacement at any time by deactivating the replacement terms (see Deactivating Replacement Texts).


Your SAP System user interface contains the terminology used in your industry, rather than the SAP standard terminology.

If imports are carried out to your system after the texts have been activated, the activated texts may be overwritten by SAP terms. In this case, you should repeat the short text replacement to restore the industry-specific terms.