Changing the Size of the Database Files


When the SAP system is installed with SQL Server, the SAP database is normally created with three data files and one log file. It is important that there is always enough space available for the database and log files to avoid that the SAP system might come to a standstill due to space shortage. Therefore the administrator always has to keep track of the amount of free space. We  recommend to increase the size manually one to four times a year depending on the expected database growth.

We also recommend to use autogrow for database file growth. If autogrow is enabled, database files automatically grow when they are full, provided that enough space is still available on the disk. You can determine for each file the amount it can grow by a growth increment.  If the growth increment for the data files and log files is set to 100 MB, a file automatically grows by 100 MB when it is full. With this option you can also  reduce the risk that processing in the SAP system stops due to space shortage. However note that autogrowth can lead to performance problems and is mainly used for emergency cases.


To set the size  for the different databases in your system and enable autogrow, proceed as follows:


       1.      In the Enterprise Manager, expand the server and Databases.

       2.      Select a database and choose Action ® Properties.

The <Database> Properties dialog box opens.

       3.      To change the settings for data files switch to the General  tab.

       4.      To change the settings for the log file switch to the Transaction Log tab.

       5.      In the Space Allocated (MB) section, specify the amount for the database and log files.

       6.      Enable Automatically grow file.

       7.      In the File growth section, specify the amount the selected file must grow when it becomes full. You can specify file growth in MB or as a percentage of the total file size.

       8.      In the Maximum file size section, select Restrict filegrowth (MB) and enter the size the selected file can grow to, or choose Unrestricted file growth.

       9.      Confirm your entries with OK.