Registering a Server


Before you can administer a server with the Enterprise Manager, you have to register it in the Enterprise Manager. To register a server you need to specify the:

·        Name of the server

·        Security used to log on to the server

·        Name of the group where the server is to be installed


The following assumes that you are not using the wizard to register the server.


       1.      Log on as Windows Administrator.

       2.      In the Enterprise Manager, select a server group and choose Action ® New SQL Server Registration.

The dialog box Registered SQL Server Properties appears.

       3.      In the text field Server, enter the name of the server.

       4.      Select the option Use Windows authentication to specify the type of authentication the Enterprise Manager uses to connect to the server.

       5.      Select the Server Group that the server is to be associated with.

       6.      Select any further options that you might require.

Set the option Show system databases and system objects. This makes the system databases such as master and msdb visible and enables you to administer them in the Enterprise Manager.

       7.      Confirm your entries with OK.

The SQL Server is now registered and will appear in the Enterprise Manager under the server group you have specified.

If you later wish to change the options you have selected, simply highlight the server in the Enterprise Manager and choose Action  ® Edit SQL Server Registration Properties.

The Registered SQL Server Properties dialog box opens and you can edit the options as required.