Changing Passwords of Windows Accounts


The SAP system connects to the database with the Windows account SAPService<SAPSID>. The security of the connection to the database is validated at the operating system level using Windows authentication. If necessary, you can change the  password used for this authentication as described here.



       1.      Change the password of the SAPService<SAPSID> account according to the instructions in the Windows documentation.

       2.      Inform the SAP services SAPOSCOL and SAP<SAPSID>_<instance_number> of the password change:


Choose Start ®Settings ®Control Panel ® Administrative Tools

                            a.      Choose Start ® Programs ® Administrative Tools ®Services.

                            b.      Right-click the service  SAP<SAPSID>_<instance_number> and choose Properties.

                            c.      Fill in the Log On As section specifying the SAPService<SAPSID>  account and the new password.

                            d.      Repeat the process for the SAPOSCOL service.