Displaying the SQL Server Version


When problems arise in your system, it is always important to check whether the system is up to date and all available service packs have been imported.


To find out the version of your SQL Server, look at the first line of the current SQL Server Error Log. To view the log proceed as follows.


       1.      In the Enterprise Manager, expand the server, Management and SQL Server Logs.

A list of all the available logs is displayed in the right-hand pane.

       2.      Choose the current log.

The contents of the log are displayed in the right-hand pane.

       3.      Look at the 1st line of the log. It shows the exact version of the server. For example:

Microsoft SQL Server 8.00 – 8.00.xxxx

The last 4 digits (xxxx) indicate the build number, which designates a certain Service Pack level.