Checking Consistency of Individual Tables


You may suspect that a table is no longer physically consistent, due to entries in the error log. In this case, you can check the table on its own, without examining the consistency of the entire database. Start a table check within the SAP system using the SAP Monitor for Database Performance:Database Allocation.

When the consistency of a table is checked, a shared table lock is held on the table.



       1.      To start the Database Performance:Database Allocation monitor, choose CCMS ® Control/Monitoring ® Performance Menu ® Database ® Tables/Indexes. Alternatively  enter the transaction code DB02.

The screen Database Performance: Database Allocation opens.

       2.      Choose the Detail Analysis button.

A popup appears.

       3.      Enter the name of the table you want to check.

Information about the table is displayed.

       4.      Choose Check Table to start the table analysis.

The results of the analysis are shown on the screen. All the error messages that were generated during the check are displayed.

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