Restoring the msdb Database from Device with Enterprise Manager


If you have used a full Windows backup to restore the executables disk of your system, use the following procedure to ensure that your msdb database is up to date.



       1.      To restore the msdb database, insert the tape with the latest msdb backup into the tape drive.

       2.      In the Enterprise Manager, select the msdb database and choose Action  ® All Tasks  ®Restore Database.

The Restore Database dialog box opens.

       3.      On the General tab, select the msdb database and choose From Device.

The Choose Restore Devices dialog box opens.

       4.      Choose Tape and then Add.

The Choose Restore Destination dialog box opens.

       5.      Select the device where the msdb backup is located. Confirm your selection with OK.

The Choose Restore Devices dialog box reappears.

       6.      Select the device with the msdb backup and choose OK.

The General tab reappears.

       7.      Look at the contents of the tape in the tape drive. To do so, select the device and choose View Contents.

The list of backups on the tape is displayed.

       8.      Select the msdb backup and confirm with OK.

       9.      On the general tab, check that the msdb database is specified as the database that is to be restored. Choose OK to start the restore operation.

The msdb database is now restored to the state it had at the time of the last backup.