The DBA Planning Calendar (MS SQL Server)


You can use the DBA Planning Calendar to automate database administration actions that have to be performed regularly. You can schedule operations, such as online backups, have them automatically performed, and then check that the operation was successful.

The main function of the DBA Planning Calendar is to define the start times and parameters for database actions. Since these actions run without interaction with the administrator, you have to make sure in advance that the necessary resources will be available.


The DBA Planning Calendar is part of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) and can be accessed with the DBA Cockpit.


Initial Screen

The initial screen of the DBA Planning Calendar is divided into three frames:

·        The frame on the left contains all information and parameters to select the set of actions to be displayed. You can:

Ў        Select the system from which you want to read planning data.

Ў        Select planning actions with DBA Actions.

Ў        Select the Planning Mode

In local mode, you can schedule actions locally.

In global mode, you can schedule actions in all remote systems of the same database systems.

Ў        Select the week to be displayed using the calendar control.

The default is the current week. To navigate to another week, double-click the week you want to display.

Ў        Select a factory calendar.

Specifying a factory calendar only has an impact on the calendar display. Holidays are the same color as weekend days. It does not result in any restrictions for planned actions.

·        The frame on the right contains a list of all planning actions that are currently available SQL Server.

·        The frame in the lower half of the screen contains the calendar.

By default, the week view with top-bottom layout is displayed, that is, one week starting with Monday. To change to a left-right split view, choose Logs  ® Left-Right Split View Layout. If you want to change from a week view to a day or month view, choose the corresponding button in the tool bar.

You can only switch the layout for the week or month view. For the day view, only the left-right split view layout is available

To change your preferred settings, that is, the layout and the view, choose Save Settings.

The calendar shows the actions that were scheduled using background processing. These actions are then automatically executed. Once the action has run, the status is indicated using the following colors:




The action has run successfully.


The action has finished with a warning. You should check the job log for details.


An error has occurred and the action was interrupted. Check the job log for details and reschedule the action.

Dark Red

Scheduling failed, that is, there is no status available and the action is overdue.

Light Blue

The action has not yet started.

Dark Blue

The action has not yet finished.

To display the color encodings, choose Legend.

Drag & Drop Function

You can move or copy actions in the calendar with drag & drop.

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