SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server 2005)

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is a rich, integrated administrative graphical tool client, which is designed to do all administrative tasks of SQL Server 2005. You can use SQL Server Management Studio to access, configure, manage, administrator and develop all components of SQL Server. SQL Server Management Studio with its easy-to-use graphical tools, rich script editors and command help provides SQL Server access to developers and administrators of all skills.

SQL Server Management Studio of SQL Server 2005 combines the features of SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Query analyzer and Analysis Manager, which were included in the previous releases, into one powerful tool for SQL Server developers and administrators.

SQL Server Management Studio can be used to manage SQL Server 2005 and most features of SQL Server 2000.

In an SAP environment, you can perform the following tasks with SQL Server Management Studio:

·        Register SQL servers

·        Connect to multiple SQL Server instances

·        Configure server properties

·        Manage databases

·        Create objects, for example,  databases, tables, database users, and logins

·        Attach and detach databases

·        View SQL error logs.

·        Monitor current activity

·        Run SQL Server queries

·        Access SQL Server agent error logs

·        Check the jobs created in SQL Agent by SAP monitor transactions