Backing Up the Current Active Transaction Log with SQL Server Management Studio


If the disk on which the SAP database resides has failed, it is important to immediately backup the current transaction log, otherwise the work carried out since the last log backup will be permanently lost.


The current transaction log can only be dumped if:

·        The disk on which the transaction log resides is undamaged

·        The disk of the executables is undamaged



       1.      Insert a new tape into the tape device.

       2.      Connect to the appropriate SQL Server instance in the SQL Server Management Studio.

       3.      Choose the New Query button near the file menu.

The SQL query window opens in the right-hand panel.

       4.      Execute the Transact SQL statement:


Where <SAPSID> is the name of your SAP database and <backup device> the name of the device, where you insert the backup tape, for example, R3DUMP0. Device names are case sensitive.

The format option of the backup log command erases all the existing data on the tape. You should therefore be absolutely certain that you have placed the right tape into the tape drive.

       5.      Choose the Execute icon to start the backup.