Remote Enabled Functions (RFC)

In the following example for remote database monitoring via RFC, we assume that we  use system TST to monitor system PRD, running on SERVER2. SERVER1 is the SAP Web Application Server, which we use as a host for the database monitor transactions.

The following features apply:

·        PRD must be an SAP ABAP database of the same SAP release as TST.

·        PRD must be a SQL Server system.

·        TST can run on any platform, not necessarily on Windows and SQL Server. If TST is a non-SQL Server system, you need to use transactions ST04_MSS, DB02_MSS and DB12_MSS rather than ST04, DB02 and DB12.

·        The full functionality of the monitor transactions is available.

·        The two systems may be separated by a firewall. In this case, the RFC connection can be routed through a saprouter installed on the firewall.