SQL Server Alert Monitor


The Alert Monitor for the SQL Server enables you to get a quick overview of important information that is relevant for the operation of the database. It draws attention to existing and potential problems with colored alerts and offers easy access to in-depth information about the system.


To access the Alert Monitor for the SQL Server, you choose CCMS ® Control/Monitoring ® Alert monitor. Alternatively enter the transaction code RZ20. In the monitoring tree, expand SAP SQL Server Monitor and double-click on SQLServer.


Information in the monitor is presented in the form of a tree that can be expanded to get a quick overview of the current status of the database. When a given threshold value defined for the database is exceeded, this is shown by alerts that are red or yellow. Red indicates an existing problem that must be resolved and yellow a situation, which could develop into a problem.

The information provided in the tree can be viewed from different perspectives.

·        The Current Status view shows the most recent system alerts.

·        The Open Alerts view informs you of the total number of alerts open for each category of information. It also offers a Display Alerts option, which allows you to access a list of open alerts for a selected element of the monitoring tree.

In addition, a further option allows you to start an Analysis Tools, which accesses comprehensive information about a selected aspect of database or system performance.

Categories of Information

Information and alerts for SQL Server in the monitoring tree are grouped into the following main categories:

·        Space Management

·        Performance

·        Backup Restore

·        DDIC Consistency

·        Health

For more information on these categories see Alerts for the Database Server

For instructions on how to handle the Alert Monitor see Tutorial for the Alert Monitor.