Storing a Backup on Multiple Tapes

If the database backup does not fit on one tape, you can use the following backup methods to distribute the backup data to several tapes:

SAP recommend to test and validate the backup and restore process for these methods regularly so that you can restore your database to a correct and consistent state

·        Sequential backup

With this method a database backup is written sequentially on two or more tapes using a single tape device.

SAP recommends not to use this method. You should use tapes with a large capacity instead so that a database backup fits on a single tape. This allows better administration of tapes in a backup cycle and simplifies the restore procedure.

Keep in mind that a sequential backup of large amount of data is time-consuming. If you need more than one tape for the backup, we recommend to schedule a parallel backup in the SAP Planning Calendar.

·        Parallel backup

To perform a parallel backup you need several tape devices. The data that is dumped is distributed evenly among the tapes. Parallel backups require less time than sequential ones, but may increase the system load. Note that you can only perform a parallel backup if you have an additional backup device.