Displaying Scheduled Actions


From the DBA Planning Calendar, you can view all action-related information.

This includes:

·        Action parameters

·        Job logs if the action has already run

These logs provide detailed information on the results of an action.

·        Recurrence patterns

The status of an action is indicated by the color of the calendar cell where an action is inserted.


Select the action by double-clicking a calendar cell or by positioning the cursor on a cell and choosing Action Details.

The Display Details of Action dialog box appears. In the Action Description group box, scheduling information and the return status of the finished action is displayed.

Action Parameters

The system displays parameters entered for that particular job.


This tabstrip only appears if the action is part of a recurring action.

Job Log

(not applicable for SQL Server)

Program Log

Some actions write log files onto the database server. If such a program log exists, it is displayed on this tabstrip. The Job Log of the scheduled jobs in the SQL Server Agent is displayed here.